Icelander writes an Irish film

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Iceland-born but Irish-based screenwriter Marteinn Þórisson writes the screenplay of feature The Summer of the Flying Saucer, due to start shooting in Ireland in the fall. Martin Duffy directs.

The film is produced by Galway's Magma Films. The photo features writer Thorisson (right), producer Ralph Christians (left) and Horst Tappert (of Derrick fame), shown here celebrating the premiere of Inspector Derrick, an animated feature Thorisson co-wrote and Magma produced. In the film the famous German superintendent solves a mysterious murder case during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Summer of the Flying Saucer tells the story of what happens when a good Catholic boy finds first love with an alien girl. Set during the summer of 1967 in Mayo on the West of Ireland, 15 year old Dan Mullaney is stuck on the family farm. His dream of furthering his education is hindered by his father who believes he should take over the family business instead. However, when Dan befriends two strange visitors, one a beautiful girl Janis, his adventures begin.

Further info can be found at The Irish Film and Television Network website.


One comment

  1. I have seen Derrick the movie, but I was wondering if the Icelandic tv would show some of magma´s tv shows or have they maybe already done that? Anyways I was also wondering if they will show Summer of a flying saucer in Iceland?? Coz it sounds godd, and it is propaply funny! Who are the main acters?

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