First Icelandic crime series a resounding hit locally

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Anna Th. Rognvaldsdottir’s three part drama Every Colour of the Sea is Cold recently finished its run on RUV TV, Iceland’s public broadcaster. Being the first of its kind in Iceland, the crime series was eagerly awaited and turned out to be a major hit with audiences. According to a Gallup poll 49,6% of the 12-80 demographic stayed tuned. The show also received a warm welcome by the critics.

The story deals with a successful lawyer who’s appointed defence council in what looks like an open-and-shut murder case. Convinced of his innocence, the suspect’s sister fights to clear his name with the lawyer’s help. The plot thickens as the lawyer develops growing doubts about what's actually motivating her quest.

Starring Iceland’s biggest star, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason (101 Reykjavik) and co-starring Thorunn Larusdottir, with Norway’s Bjorn Floberg also appearing among many others, Every Colour of the Sea is Cold was described by RUV’s critic Olafur H. Torfason as “well-made and ambitious, and a general talking point among the population.” Morgunbladid daily added that “the story gripped you from the start and made for a compelling viewing throughout its run” and at tabloid DV, critic Halldor Halldorsson declared himself “highly pleased.” Writing in the same newspaper novelist Hallgrimur Helgason wrote that the secret to the show’s success “is probably that the author doesn’t patronise his characters or make them grotesque and avoids all pretension”.

Every Colour of the Sea is Cold is written and directed by Anna Th. Rognvaldsdottir, an award-winning short film director and documentary filmmaker. The series mark her debut in television drama. It is produced by Ax Films’ Olafur Rognvaldsson and co-produced by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson at The Icelandic Film Corporation, Sweden’s SVT and Iceland’s RUV.

Production support was provided by the Icelandic Broadcasting Fund, MEDIA, The Nordic Film and Television Fund and The Icelandic Film Fund.

International sales are handled by Germany’s Media Luna Entertainment. Every Colour of the Sea is Cold was made in two versions, a three-part mini series and a 90 min. TV film.


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