Jar City takes five Eddas

Monday, 20 November 2006

Mýrin - Jar City posterBaltasar Kormákur’s Jar City (Mýrin) received five Edda awards out of five nominations at the 8th Eddas, the annual Icelandic Film and Television Awards, at the live broadcast ceremony held at Reykjavik’s Nordica Hotel last night. Kormákur’s other film, A Little Trip to Heaven, got two Eddas and Ragnar Bragason’s Children won an Edda for Screenplay of the Year. Jar City, which has to date sold more than 70,000 admissions domestically and accordingly been seen by a fourth of the population, won for Feature Film of the Year and Director of the Year (Kormákur), as well as Actor of the Year (Ingvar E. Sigurðsson) and Supporting Actor of the Year (Atli Rafn Sigurðarson).

Furthermore, composer Mugison, was awarded for his music in Jar City as well as A Little Trip to Heaven, which was also awarded for Cinematography (Óttar Guðnason).

 The ceremony is held by The Icelandic Film and Television Academy (IKSA), a pan-industry body owned by the Icelandic filmmakers’ associations and supported by The Icelandic Film Centre and the main broadcasters.


Feature Film of the Year:  Mýrin (Jar City). Dir/Scr: Baltasar Kormákur. Prod co: Blueeys. Producers Agnes Johansen, Lilja Pálmadóttir, Kormákur

Documentary of the Year: Shadow Children: Dirs: Lýður Árnason, Jóakim Reynisson. Scr: Þórhallur Gunnarsson, Árnason. Prod co: Í einni sæng

Short Film of the Year: Anna & the Moods. Dir: Gunnar Karlsson. Scr: Sjón. Prod co: Caoz. Prods: Hilmar Sigurðsson and Arnar Þórisson

Director of the Year: Baltasar Kormákur (for Jar City)

Actor of the Year: Ingvar E Sigurðsson, for Jar City

Supporting Actor of the Year: Atli Rafn Sigurðarson, for Jar City

Screenplay of the Year: Ragnar Bragason, Gísli Örn Garðarsson, Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, the cast, for Bragason’s Börn (Children)

Cinematography/Editing of the Year: Óttar Guðnason (for Kormakur’s A Little Trip to Heaven)

Sound/Music of the Year: Mugison, for A Little Trip to Heaven and Jar City

TV Drama-Sitcom Series of the Year: Stelpurnar (The Girls). Dir: Ragnar Bragason. Scr: Sigurjón Kjartansson ao. Prod co: Sagafilm. Prods: Magnús Viðar Sigurðsson, Kristinn Þórðarson, Harpa Elísa Þórsdóttir ao

TV Programme of the Year: Kompás. Prod cos: NFS/Channel 2. Prods: Marteinn Þórsson, Jóhannes Kr. Kristjánsson.

TV Entertainment Programme of the Year: Jón Ólafs. Host: Jón Ólafsson. Prod co: RUV. Prod: Jón Egill Bergþórsson

TV Personality of the Year: Ómar Ragnarsson

IKSA Honorary Award: Magnús Scheving for LazyTown.


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  1. hello,

    i’m looking for a DVD of this fantastic film.
    i’ve searching the web, but can’t find it.
    who will help me?

    greetins, evert hetebrij (the netherlands)

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