About Us

The Land & synir website is the gateway to the Icelandic film and TV industry, providing news, views and various information on the Icelandic film and TV scene.

The site is the english language version of the original Land & synir website, which can be found at www.logs.is.

Land & synir was founded in 1995 as a bi-monthly magazine. The online service was added in December 2003. The english language version went online in April 2006.

Land & synir is published by The Icelandic Film and Television Academy, which is wholly owned by the three associations of Icelandic filmmakers; The Association of Icelandic Film Producers, The Icelandic Film Makers Association and The Association of Icelandic Film Directors. It is also supported by The Icelandic Film Centre.

The Icelandic Film and Television Academy furthermore runs the annual Edda Awards, the Icelandic Film and Television Awards.

About the name:

The Land & synir website (literally: Land and Sons) takes its title from the Icelandic film Land og synir. The film premiered in Iceland on January 25th 1980 and marks the beginning of regular production of Icelandic feature films. Based on the novel of the same name by Indridi G. Thorsteinsson, it was directed by Ágúst Gudmundsson and went on to be a huge hit locally.

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