THE ICELANDIC FILMMAKERS ASSOCIATION (FK) The Icelandic Filmmakers Association is the oldest organisation of filmmakers in Iceland, founded in 1966. Its objective is to promote the interests of filmmakers and advance the fields of film and TV in Iceland. The association has members on the boards of MEDIAdesk Iceland, The Collecting Society of Iceland, The Icelandic Film and Television Academy, and The Film Board of Iceland.

ASSOCIATION OF ICELANDIC FILM PRODUCERS (SIK) SIK – Association of Icelandic Film Producers, is an association of Icelandic film production companies, producing all types of films, Feature, Television, Documentary and Shorts. The Association is represented on the boards of MEDIAdesk Iceland, The Collecting Society of Iceland, The Icelandic Film and Television Academy, and The Film Board of Iceland. It is a member of F.I.A.P.F, C.I.C.C.E. and ACCIOA.

THE ICELANDIC FILM AND TELEVISION ACADEMY (IKSA) The Icelandic Film and Television Academy is an organisation owned by all the three film associations in Iceland, whose purpose is to advance the field of film and television in Iceland. Since its inception in 1999 it has annually held the Edda, the Icelandic film and television awards. IKSA also runs the Land & synir (Land and Sons) website and publishes a magazine of the same name, about the film and TV scene in Iceland. IKSA enjoys the support of The Icelandic Film Centre and all the three main TV stations in Iceland. Further information about The Academy can be found here.

THE NATIONAL FILM ARCHIVE OF ICELAND The National Film Archive of Iceland is a public service institution. It deals with the preservation of film culture by collecting, documenting and preserving films and film related material. The Archive researches films and film culture and publishes studies in this field.

MEDIA DESK ICELAND The role of MEDIA Desk Iceland is to give information about the extensive services of the MEDIA plus programme and the other programmes it supports along with assisting the applicants with the necessary application forms. MEDIA Desk Iceland is an autonomous agency funded jointly by the MEDIA plus programme of the EU, The Icelandic Film Centre and The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in Iceland.

ASSOCIATION OF ICELANDIC FILM DIRECTORS (SKL) The Association of Icelandic Film Directors promotes the interests of film and TV directors in Iceland. The Association is represented on the boards of The Collecting Society of Iceland, The Icelandic Film and Television Academy, and The Film Board of Iceland. The chairman is director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (f.thor@icecorp.is) More info on The Association of Icelandic Film Directors here. 

THE ICELANDIC FILM SCHOOL Offers a comprehensive two-year course in filmmaking.

INVEST IN ICELAND AGENCY Film in Iceland is a project run by Invest in Iceland Agency, an agency of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. In recent years Iceland has been gaining a higher profile in the international film industry. Internationally acclaimed actors and directors have been working in Iceland with highly skilled local crews.


REYKJAVIK SHORTS & DOCS The annual Reykjavik Shorts & Docs Festival started in 2002 and highlights the best work in these fields on offer in the Nordic region and in Europe. The festivalis run by The Icelandic Filmmakers's Association. Hjalmtyr Heiddal is festival director.  

NORDISK PANORAMA Nordisk Panorama travels annually between the Nordisk Panorama Host Cities of the five Nordic countries, Reykjavík (2004), Bergen (2005), Århus (2006), Oulu (2007) and Malmö (2008), Reykjavík (2009) – adding the colours of local and regional filmmaking to the vast landscape of Nordic short films and documentaries, firmly positioned in an evolving Europe.

THE REYKJAVIK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The first Reykjavik International Film Festival was held in November 2004. The festival's aim is to widen the cultural and artistic scope of films available to viewers, and to encourage a broader group of audience to see films on a regular basis.

ICELAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The first IIFF was held in April 2005 and broke attendance-record. IIFF is owned by the Icelandic cinemas and the main film distributors in Iceland.

700IS REINDEERLAND 700IS Reindeerland is the only experimental film and video festival in Iceland and is under constant development. It is held in April. The festival accepts all submissions that fit under the 'experimental' hat – animation – dance on film – shortfilms – videoart etc. The deadline for submissions is February 15th 2006.

GRANDROKK SHORT FILM FESTIVALAnnually held first weekend of June at the bar Grand Rokk. Only short films no longer than 15 minutes, with a Grand Rokk theme and made specially for the festival, can submit. 

REYKJAVIK INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL The Reykjavik International Short Film Festival started in 1992. During this time, professionals, beginners and amateurs have found there a forum to exhibit their work in this field, along with inspiration and encouragement from the juries and the audience. A number of new and emerging film directors in Iceland have had their first films screened at this festival. The festival was last held in 2002.


RUV – TV: (Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – Television) An independent public service broadcaster, formally owned by the Icelandic state. RUV TV started operation in 1966. RUV is financially independent, its principal sources of income being the licence fee and revenues from advertisements. According to the Broadcasting Act the main obligation of RUV is to promote the Icelandic language, Icelandic history and Iceland's cultural heritage. The RUV should also honour basic democratic rules, human rights and the freedom of speech and opinion. 

SKJÁR EINN (Screen One)
Screen One is a privately owned TV station, belonging to Iceland Telecom (Síminn). It started broadcasting on October 20th 1999 and reaches about 80% of all households throughout the country. It is financed entirely by commercials and its programme model is based on American TV, both in structure and content. Carries some local content as well.

365 Broadcasting and Print Media is the largest media corporation in Iceland. Its TV concerns are; Stöð 2 (mainstream entertainment), NFS (news channel), Sirkus (youth entertainment), Sýn (sports channel) and Stöð 2-bíó (movie channel). It also distributes a large number of satellite programming.


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